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August 2021
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Snow Day
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We awoke this morning to the blizzard of 2010.  The ground outside our bedroom window is blanketed with about two feet of snow.  Wanting to get a jump on the competition, I immediately phoned our snow plow service to get on the list, and was told our 130 foot, gently sloping drive could be plowed sometime in the next few days.  Since we expected to be snowed in this weekend, this wasn’t a problem.

I was pleasantly surprised to get a call about an hour later.  Our plow driver was in the neighborhood and decided to move our job up the list.  A few minutes later, his Dodge Ram 4 Wheel Drive pickup arrived at the top of our drive.  A few minutes after that, the truck was lodged sideways on our driveway, rear wheels on the asphalt, front wheels on the grass, which slopes somewhat sharply down from the road surface.  Roy, the driver, had brought his fiancee Kay with him at her request.  She didn’t want to be snowbound all day while he was out working.  So Roy broke out the snowblower, which he had been up all night repairing, while Kay began shovelling snow from under the stuck truck.

An hour or so later, the drive was blown free of snow, which I measured with a yardstick at 17 inches in the shallows and 24 inches at the deepest part.  Kay and I had succeeded in clearing a swath around the truck, and Roy jumped in to pull it free.  We watched in anticipation as the truck lurched, hesitated, then came around onto the driveway.  We then groaned as the truck slid sideways down the embankment, coming to rest with four wheels spinning in the mud.

We invited Roy and Kay inside to warm up and call a tow truck.  As it happens, finding a tow truck in a blizzard is no easy feat.  Calls to most listed companies were answered by machines.  One company, York Towing, told Kay they don’t service this area (West York!)  Another, Anderson Towing, said they weren’t accepting tow jobs today.  Kay left her number with several companies, then Roy, getting increasingly aggravated, decided they should walk out to the main road in hopes of flagging down a passing snow removal vehicle.  I called AAA, where a recorded message informed me of longer than usual wait times and suggested I place a service order on their website for faster response, which I did.

A few minutes later, I received a call from a tow company Kay had called.  They had two trucks in the neighborhood, and were willing to come “take a look.”  I called Roy and informed him of this, and sure enough, about 5 minutes later, two tow trucks arrived at the top of our drive.  Immediately behind them was a large yellow earthmover.  Hanging from the cab door was our driver Roy.  Following the Cat was a red flatbed tow truck from Anderson Towing.  The driver told Roy he had been dispatched by AAA.

Roy compared rates among the three services and went with the Cat, who he had flagged down on Carlisle Rd, just a block from our house.  The driver had asked his boss for permission to detour to our house to help Roy out.  We sent the other trucks away while the Cat driver produced a chain, which Roy fastened to the tow rig on the front of his truck.  Within a few minutes, the stuck truck was free, our driveway was clear of snow, and Roy and Kay were on their way to earn a living from this beautiful blizzard, to finance their wedding in September.

Karma smiled on us today, and gave us a snowstorm to remember.  When we call Roy to plow the next snowfall from our drive, we’re confident he’ll remember us!

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